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Government of Change in Brief

Foto: Juan Diego Cano - Presidencia


Free education for low-income families’ children in Military Forces and Police schools

November 10th 2023

Children from the most vulnerable families will have access to cost-free education in the Colombian Military Forces and Police schools, following the enactment of the decree 1907 of 2023 by the Government.

This mandate outlines the State’s policy of tuition-free academic enrollment for accessing higher education within the training programs of the Military Forces and the National Police.

This policy was one of the presidential campaign promises of Gustavo Petro when he was running for President in 2022.

According to the decree, the resources to finance this policy come from the National Budget allocated to the Military Forces and the National Police, with a focus on channeling these funds into the Education area of the National Public Forces.

Photo: Alcaldía de Bogotá

Government takes over Colombia’s legendary San Juan de Dios Hospital to be restored and back into service

November 15th 2023

Colombia’s oldest healthcare center and architectural heritage, San Juan de Dios Hospital, was recovered by the Government, through the Decree 1959 of November 15th 2023, to restore the historical buildings and put it back into service for Bogota communities.

The rule creates the University Hospital San Juan de Dios and the Materno-Infantil Institute, as a special entity, attached to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

This decree grants the competence to the National Real Estate Agency Virgilio Barco to be in charge of the restoration of the historical buildings, considering its expertise in renovation projects. 

As a special entity, the Hospital will be able to provide medium and high complexity health services and medical consultation to the population.

The institution was founded in 1723, although it had been providing services since 1564, until was shut down in 2001.

Photo: Julián Manrique - PNN El Cocuy, Boyacá.

Over 4 million foreigners visited Colombia in the last 9 months

November 14th 2023

Between January and September 2023, 4,198,801 foreign tourists visited Colombia, according to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

The figure exceeds by 29.3% the number of travelers registered during the same period in 2022, when 3,247,698 people entered.

The Ministry report states that 2,846,773 tourists were foreigners (non-Venezuelans); another 945,592 are Colombians residing abroad; 171,648 Venezuelans for rest and recreation purposes, and 234,788 were passengers from international cruises.

“We receive this as a very positive sign. Since September this year, a little more than 500,000 travelers remain to equal the number of visitors in 2022, which was 4.7 million. This number will increase significantly during the end-of-year season”, Minister of Commerce, German Umaña, said.

Photo: ​@IPSEnergiaZNI

Energy Com​munities program launched in La Guajira

November 12th 2023

President Gustavo Petro launched the program Energy Communities in the department of La Guajira, to ensure communities to collectively generate and distribute energy, with sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

This program is an opportunity for clean energy self-generation in areas of difficult access throughout the country, to ensure their energy autonomy.

The first phase of the program starts in 123 communities in several municipalities, such as Uribia, in Northern Guajira, where there is a majority of Wayuu indigenous population. 

“We seek to increase access and autonomy in energy through solutions with renewable sources”, Minister of Energy, Andres Camacho, said.