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President Petro called for a peace dialogue in Gaza after Israel declared state of war

Foto: archivo, Presidencia de la República


In a message on his X account, the Colombian President recalled his speech at the U.N. General Assembly where he asked for two Peace Conferences: “one on Ukraine, the other on Palestine”.

Bogota, Colombia, October 7th, 2023

President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, called this Saturday for a peace dialogue in Gaza, after the situation in the Middle East worsened when Israel declared state of war.

“War between Israel and Palestinian Gaza has broken out again. In my speech at the U.N. I showed how the world power approached one way the Russian occupation over Ukraine and, in a different way, the Israeli occupation over Palestine. My vows go for a peace dialogue to be set up, where the Palestinian State is comprehensively recognized”, President Petro said on his X account (formerly Twitter).

On September 19th, the Colombian President said before the world leaders and delegations attending the 78th United Nations General Assembly that the same reasons spoken out to defend Ukraine should be the same ones to defend Palestine.

“What is the difference between Ukraine and Palestine? Isn’t it time to end up both wars?”, he questioned in his speech.

In that sense, he urged United Nations to call up two Peace Conferences: “one on Ukraine, the other on Palestine, not because there are no other wars in the world, as there is in my country (…) because both of them would end up hypocrisy as a political practice”, he stated then.

President Petro also made the same question at the G77+China Summit in Havana, on September 15th:

“What is the difference between Russia-Ukraine war and Israel-Palestine war? And why this double standard to assume a great front of human unity in the Russia-Ukraine war against Russia, and not take sides and sabotage the possibility of a great human front in Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territory, if it is the same?", he questioned.

According to several reports by international media, the war in Gaza has left so far at least 100 Israeli dead and 198 Palestinian killed in Israeli airstrikes.